From concept to implementation,

we’ll help your project become a reality.

Software Design

Well-documented software programs ensure your equipment runs reliably. Our team’s experience includes programming PLC applications and delivering custom-built programs for PC-based applications that require high levels of customization, database integration and system integration with custom reporting.

CAD/Drawing Services

Once components are identified and laid out, our engineers will complete design details by creating general assembly layouts and wiring and schematic diagrams. Each design incorporates innovation and experience with components and design standards, meeting required regulations like NFPA, UL, IEC and NEMA.

Conversion Services

From initial planning through installation, startup, operation and maintenance, you can count on us to help successfully convert existing programmable controllers, drives and motors to new technologies—fully realizing benefits like energy cost savings and increased lifespan of your equipment.

Implementation Support

eMotion provides full commissioning and startup support for all our designs. This means we’ll make sure an experienced engineer is onsite to help with mechanical setup and installation as well as electrical installation and wiring, ensuring your new system is ready and functioning at full capacity.

Training, Reporting & Documentation

Documentation and training are critical when it comes to maximizing production time. We’ll travel to your site to provide hands-on training for your team as well as deliver all the documentation necessary to keep things running smoothly: component manuals, troubleshooting guides, process explanations and details.


If a machine goes down and you can’t locate the problem, graphical displays can help. With more than 10 years experience designing and implementing HMI, Operator Interface and SCADA systems, we’ll help maximize operations performance by reducing downtime and providing reports to help improve machine operations.

Hardware Design

Each step in hardware design is crucial to a project’s successful implementation: component identification, system layout and review. Our engineers have extensive experience in all three areas, ensuring optimal function, safety and ease of installation.