Our History

Company History

Owner Cory Deeds started eMotion as a way to continue serving his customers who lost their support base after the company he worked for closed its doors.

While eMotion began with a client base largely made up of Tier 1 American automotive suppliers, it has since grown, successfully moving into other markets: material handling, process control, chemical processing, CNC machinery, robotic automation, and others.

Today, eMotion has been acquired by MHS Global and is dedicated to bringing the most innovative engineering solutions possible to its customers. eMotion and MHS have partnered on multiple projects over the past 15 years, and eMotion will help further accelerate MHS's Lifecycle Performance Services ("LPS") growth plan.

"It's no secret that e-commerce is booming and hasn't even begun to approach its peak," said Scott McReynolds, Chief Executive Officer for MHS. "Increasingly, logistics providers and retailers with major shipping operations are looking for end-to-end solutions that not only set them up for success but support their business on an ongoing basis - which is exactly what Lifecycle Performance Services does. eMotion Controls is an outstanding addition to our LPS division, made up of a wonderful bunch of people who we look forward to working well with into the future."

"MHS has been an invaluable partner to eMotion for the past 15 years, and it gives us a great deal of comfort to work with a leadership team that shares our integrity and core values," said eMotion President and  Founder Cory Deeds. "Our newly-expanded relationship gives us a platform to extend our proven solutions to a larger customer base while continuing to deliver the reliable service we've long been known for. We're thrilled to be joining the MHS team."